LBA uses the individualized Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. It is written with six major subjects from 4th through the 8th grade. These subjects include Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building (Spelling), and Christian Ethics. Grades 9th through 12th have five major subjects: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Christian Ethics. There are also electives that are offered for the upper grades. The curriculum is structured so that there are twelve (12) PACEs (workbooks) per level for each subject.

The educational format is of a text-based nature. The PACE is a primary source of information. The Learning Center Supervisor oversees the students to make sure they understand the information in the PACE and to answer any questions. Because the student has the ability to work at their own pace, they must demonstrate a mastery of the current concepts they are learning before they can move on. This allows the student to completely understand and master a concept without being thrust forward with the class.

The PACEs will be the primary learning environments for the morning classroom session. A.C.E. nor we claim that the PACEs contain all that a child needs to learn, the afternoon sessions will be used for needed supplemental and enhancement work.  The afternoon will provide a more open class structure. Various types of learning and activities will be conducted and participation will be required by all students.