Parental Involvement

Parents and/or Grandparents or Guardians of students will be expected to regularly attend services at Liberty Baptist Church. Regular parent/guardian meetings and orientations will be held and these will be required for the parents of students as they will be informative and helpful programs.

We believe that Liberty Baptist Academy is an extension of the home. As such, we need to work together, both to the glory of Jesus Christ, as well as to provide a better learning environment for your child. We believe that the following will create a better working relation between the ministry and the home.

  1. Communication is essential for any relationship. Please read carefully any forms or letters sent home with your student. If you have any questions please call the office.
  2. Prayer is essential for the success of your student and the school. Please keep us in your prayers daily.
  3. Remember that your children are always listening; guard what you say about the church or school personnel.
  4. Your presence speaks very loudly to your children. Attend school functions, be involved.
  5. There needs to be common goals and a good bond between the school and the parents. If we have failed to communicate those goals to you, please let us know. Support is a lot easier when there is a substantial understanding of what is going on a why.
  6. The classroom is not the only place of learning. Your child will need help with homework. Please get involved with your children’s homework assignments.

School-parent Communication

Liberty Baptist Academy is a joint effort between the home and the church. Close communication between the parent and the school is a necessity. Several forms will be used regularly for this communication and should be read and signed by the parent and returned to the school office.

  • Communication Folder
  • Memos
  • Demerits
  • Detention Slips
  • Field Trip Plans
  • Etc.

Parent Volunteers

Parents may assist in the daily school activities. If you are interested in assisting regularly or periodically, please call us. We welcome your participation. Parents and all volunteers should adhere to the school dress standards when on the school property.